If you’re reading this right now on your smart phone pay attention – today’s post is for you! It’s 2016 and these devices are a way of life, so it’s really time to start using them for more than texting, face swaps on Snapchat or looking up your polling location on Google Maps. When used properly, smartphones can actually help you do grown-up things in this scary adult world! Stay tuned for the best apps I use nearly every day to start me off in the morning, keep me going during the day, and sleep at night.

Plant Nanny


Water is good for you and necessary for a healthy life. But how many of you actually make an effort to keep yourself hydrated all day, every day and get the recommended 64 oz. in before bedtime? I sure didn’t. I never had a problem drinking water while sitting at my desk, but outside of that it was always a hassle to carry it with me and/or I would rather have beer.

Plant Nanny uses cuteness and pestering to get you to drink your daily recommended amount of water, in one of the cleverest ways I’ve seen. You start by choosing and naming which plant you would like to grow (I have a Devil’s Ivy named Lil’ Kevin). You than choose the size of your typical water container and it will let you know how many of those you should be drinking during the day. Each time one is consumed you log it in, and when you reach the amount needed to level up your plant grows! The app even has the annoying red bubble attached with how many drinks you still need and sends push notifications to remind you to drink up.



We all have Pinterest style pages, and even I just recently hopped aboard the Stitchfix train. The grass is always greener than what’s in our closet, right? But do you REALLY remember everything you have? Stylebook is here to remind you, and provide an easy way to play with all your different pieces styled together without actually having to go through the hassle of putting it on.

There’s work on the front end, because you do have to take a photo of every single piece you own, but after that it’s golden. This app allows you to sort your entire wardrobe by color or piece type, and even store info about sizing, items values and more. You can use it to pull looks together, create a vacation packing list, know if a piece is clean or dirty and generally be reminded of literally how much great clothes you already have. I just used it to pull together all my outfits for vacation so I can feel confident ahead of time that I will have a stylish look, without having to figure out which pieces might go together by the time I’m there.

Sleep Cycle


I am a light sleeper, and have been for many years. While we obviously want to keep the blue light of a phone and the comfort of a bed as far away as possible, this app is only here to help. When placed on your night stand, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns using the microphone on the phone and can tell where you are in your REM cycle between awake and deep sleep. It tracks weekly and monthly trends, as well as notes such has how exercise, caffeine, or alcohol affect your sleep.

The other option that it offers is a gradual alarm, which will wake you up sometime within a 15 minute window, whenever is the best for your REM cycle. With this you will not be jolted awake but inside coaxed out of sleep with a gently chiming instead of the blare of your alarm and be much more refreshed for the day. For those of you curious on what is going on for those 8 hours your eyes are closed, this is seriously worth checking out.


I like to think of Acorns as investing for dummies. I have some extra money and I’ve been told investing could be a good option to see return on this. Now what? No one ever cares to go the next step as to how I should start, who I should invest in, or how I actually go about doing it. Help!

Acorns uses your real spare change to make things happen. After using its secure system to connect to your bank account, it essentially rounds up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar and throws the differential into a portfolio of your choosing (after making a recommendation). From here you watch it grow! It’s surprising to watch how things add up, and when you’re making purchases you usually think of it as closer to the higher dollar value anyways, so you might as well actually spend that to get some back.

Are you curious to give any of these a try? What other apps do you use to keep you on track? Sound off below!