I’m going to start this week by sharing a lesson of how I became Sarah Davidson. My husband and I were legally married in May of 2013 at a resort in Mexico with a ceremony and dinner of about 25 people. In November of that year, we threw an entire additional wedding in our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. This included a second ceremony so we could celebrate with all those who weren’t able to attend the first one.

                  Getting legally married in Mexico was a pain in the butt. We had to provide all sorts of documentation we weren’t confident in, get blood tests done on-site, and have a local judge at the ceremony to legally pronounce us after our pastor had finished. Many people suggested just getting married at the courthouse ahead of time, but we knew we were going to have a ceremony in November as well, and the idea of going through it three times seemed a bit overwhelming. We’re all good now– with a marriage license in Spanish to prove it!

                   The reason that I wanted to share this experience is because I have seen it happen all the time! Reasons for getting married “early” or before your official celebration can include travel reasons like ours, legal reasons such as immigration or adoption, religious reasons, or just wanting to keep things personal and intimate. Whatever you decide the process to be, it’s completely up to you.

                  There may be people who scoff about how they are not attending your “real” wedding. Feel free to explain your reasoning if you want, or just ignore it and mention how excited you are to still celebrate with them when the party rolls around. You’ll find that the second “big day” is just as meaningful as the first, and you’ll probably even feel a lot less nervous than you would having everything rolled together in one day. Everyone still gets to dress up, food and booze will be served, and entertainment will be had.. which are all the main events that your guests care about anyways!

                  The ultimate goal of this post is to scream “You do you!” As I’ve said many times, the people that matter will support you and those w won’t don’t matter. Happy planning!