You won’t need to have known me for that long to figure out that the holidays are my favorite time of the year. I love everything about them including the music, the lights, recipes, cozy sweaters and slippers, and especially the extra time I get to spend with all the people I love. This year however I now have the added bonus of being a new homeowner! This means it’s time for some SERIOUS decoration.

Thanks to a combination of family and friends, collections and (of course) Pinterest, I’m pretty proud of what we’ve pulled together this year and I wanted to take the time to share it with you. Feel free to stop over anytime for a visit!

Ornaments are very important to my husband’s family, so he has more than enough personalized ones to cover our tree. This year I used the plain bulbs I’ve collected to instead make this fun wreath that I found on Pinterest. Instructions to make your own here!  I do have a least one ornament of my own though! Given by a friend a few years back to celebrate my love of Mario Kart and my favorite character. You can’t see it in the above photo, but there are at least 14 ornaments that have Kevin’s face on them.


The wine bottles were another easy Pinterest craft and the Merry Christmas sign was a sweet pickup from Hobby Lobby (where all Christmas items are currently 50% off!). My friend Steph came over the other night and we made the Christmas Crack and Pretzel Treats that you see above. They will be great as small gifts for those you want to appreciate but don’t have a ton of cash to splurge on.

Snagged this beautiful arrangement by Flora by Jamae leftover from a wedding last weekend. Perfect for some extra Christmas cheer! Our vintage Santa & Mrs. Claus piggy bank inherited from Kevin’s grandmother, fits perfectly within my Coca-Cola sprinkled kitchen. For our lights, we opted for white lights with colored caps on them. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I think this makes the colors so much brighter and bolder than pre-colored lights. It signals to the neighborhood that were here and ready to celebrate!

Thank you to everyone that has shown Kevin and I such love and support throughout our exciting experiences this year. We are looking forward to another wonderful holiday season.