Holiday Wedding Main Photo.jpgPhoto: Queens and Hearts Photography

With the fall season wrapping up and winter being right around the corner, many people don’t realize what else is coming, engagement season! The holidays tend to be popular with lovebirds, and what is even more popular is not wanting to wait all that long for the big day. While many couples may look to squeeze their wedding in within the summer or fall after engagement, the wedding industry is growing at a rapid rate. This means that many vendors can book up months and years in advance.

However, some of the weekends they may still have available include holiday weekends such as: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July. If you have your heart set on a venue or specific season, a holiday weekend may be the way to go. Let’s break it down!

Holiday Weekend Pro’s:

  • More likely to get the venue you want, when you want it. Couples that want to get married within a year of becoming engaged shouldn’t have to sacrifice their perfect venue. Remember that beautiful barn in your hometown that you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle at? While all other weekends might be booked two years in advance, it’s likely that the holiday weekends are the last to be picked, potentially leaving availability for when you want it.
  • Potential for discounted pricing. Yes, that’s right, I said discounted. If you plan to have your wedding on a day of the week that isn’t a Saturday, prices have the potential to drop. Sunday weddings over Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend could be a great option for this reason, and that gives your guests an extra day to recover!
  • Extra time to spend with friends and family. Holiday weekends (A.K.A. long weekends) are built to give you an extra day to relax. During your wedding, you probably won’t be able to mingle with everyone as much as you would like. What better way to make sure you get to spend time with those traveling than having a casual cookout or brunch the next day?
  • Pretty decorations! With a holiday (and depending on how into the holiday you are) comes cool décor that can be incorporated into your wedding. Imagine having your wedding over a winter holiday or New Year’s Eve. The possibilities with snow, fireworks, and colors are endless!

Holiday Weekend Con’s:

  • Only a few holiday weekends exist per year, and you’re asking your guests to give one of these precious babies up for you. As we move into a world that is more mindful and work/life balance oriented, that vacation time becomes extremely important. Whether it’s standing plans that they typically have over Memorial Day Weekend, or a task the long weekend is needed for without having to take PTO, a wedding could throw a snag in the plans.
  • Cost of travel. Whether it’s at a wedding or just celebrating life, everyone wants to have fun on the long weekend! This means that many people are traveling, airfare will be more expensive, and traffic will be backed up. Are you okay with your guests sacrificing a little more time and money to be at your big day?
  • Potential for increased pricing. While there are opportunities for discounts, vendors may also raise their prices over a holiday weekend. Depending on dates, prices may need to increase if staff needs to be paid for working on a holiday or services such as cleaning and tear down is required on a day they aren’t normally open. If the holiday weekend is an important detail to complete your special day, this may be another factor to consider into the budget.

We’re not trying to sway you one way or another and  when it comes down to it, the most important guests will be there no matter what. Just keep these points in mind while deciding and you will make the decision that works best for you! Happy planning!