Sarah and Kevin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.. PRESENTS!

Okay maybe that’s not how the rhyme goes, but I want to talk about it anyways! Registering for gifts for your celebration is something that people often feel awkward about. Today, I want to debunk a lot of those questions that come up to help make things easy when your guests inevitably ask “What’s the sitch?”

How many places should we register at?

Typically, people don’t register more than one or two places, depending on the type of store you choose to register at. For example, we registered on and I felt like we didn’t need to go anywhere else because they’re pretty much a one stop shop for everything. However, two places like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Menard’s could provide two very different, but very relevant options.

Along with this question, many people wonder if they need to register at a brick and mortar store or if just online is okay. Personally, I believe that it’s 2017 and people pretty much have the internet and online shopping figured out. The few guests that may have trouble can easily be helped by others. Or they may be more likely to give you a personalized or classic gift. I wouldn’t worry about it!

We already live together or have been together for a while and don’t need anything. Do we still need to register?

These days it’s much more common for a couple to be living together and/or be a little older by the time they tie the knot. These are a few reasons couples may not be looking for gifts, but are unsure of a delicate way to approach the topic with guests. One of my best suggestions for this route is to pick a few charities that you support and encourage guests to donate instead of a gift. It’s likely that your guests will want to do something for you, and this is an easy and kind way to embrace their generosity!

How do we tell people that we just want cash, without sounding too tacky?

While it sounds tacky, we all get it. If you truly don’t need any physical items don’t feel obligated to create a registry. Similar to if you were asking people to donate to a charity, the least tacky way to ask for money is to give some compelling reasons as to what it’s going to be used for. Honeymoons and house down payments are popular big ticket items that are okay to ask people to contribute to. Express your generosity just the same way when visiting at the reception and in your thank you notes, and you won’t get too much flack.

Where should I register?

Completely up to you! The main things to keep in mind are location (is the store easily accessible to your guests) and price range (is there something for all budgets). Some of the most common registries we see are for Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon. However, you can create a registry at pretty much any store – so if there’s a specific niche you like, go for it! Some of my favorite unique ones are for Menards and Etsy.

The best advice I can give you (that you’ve already heard before), is that it’s your day. Take the route that’s the best fit for where you are in life at that moment. Just make sure you communicate it in a clear and effective way. Happy planning!