Hey everyone! I apologize for the delay in posting the last few weeks. I was knocked out pretty hard by illness and could not bring myself to do anything. I’m back though and ready to start this new year off right!

Given that it’s already January, I thought it would be fitting to go through a reflection of last year and bring you up to speed on what I’m most looking forward to this year. 2015 was a big one. We bought our first house, I started this wonderful business, and I met dozens of smart people whom I now consider colleagues and friends. I can’t be more thankful for what I all experienced.

Harmonious Union Events had been a dream of mine for about 18 months before becoming a reality last February. In working my main job, running events at Madison Children’s Museum, I finally found my calling. I love helping people throw an amazing celebration, and my main goal is for them to actually be able to celebrate it. I’ve also watched other family members become entrepreneurs and the idea of being my own boss was an attractive one. The thing that finally put me over the edge however, was the amazing encouragement I received from colleagues in the event industry to go for it. I still have no idea where this is going to go or what I’m doing half the time, but I’m excited to continue the journey.

What else am I looking forward to this year? A few things!


There are so many important things to me: family, friends, career, health, hobbies, and community to name a few. I’ve joined a book club that meets every few weeks, I downloaded and use a meal planning app, I attend all meetings for two networking groups I’m a member of, and also have a goal to go home and spend time with family a minimum of one day a month. I encourage you also to force yourself to make time for all the things you care about, and you’ll find that it’s easier than you think.

Growing Together

My husband will always be my rock. We’ve already maneuvered through many new things together in our two years of marriage and I know this year will only throw more our way. Career has been a big one for both of us recently and in the future I see us making even more big (sometimes scary) decisions related to both our professional and personal lives. Also we make fun decisions, like learning parkour together or determining which new Netflix series to start, to keep balance against the serious things (look at that, how things tie together!).

New Challenges

Yes, there are specific hobbies that I want to get more into. I’ve thought a lot lately about photography and being more crafty, mostly because they would both be beneficial in the career I’ve laid out for myself. But I’ve also already started thinking about what I can do to keep my job engaging and what it will ACTUALLY take for me to be a passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Always challenging yourself is healthy and forces you to be the strongest person you possibly can be. I encourage it.

Authenticity and Being the Best Me

As time goes on, I’ve been working at ridding myself of toxins (physically and mentally). These could be bad foods, bad habits, jobs, and even people. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to move forward and just put things behind you. What I really want to focus on this year is my authenticity as a person and as an entrepreneur. I cannot be afraid of what I haven’t done and need to have confidence in myself and the decisions that I make. If someone wants to work with me that’s great, but if it’s not a good fit that’s okay too and you move on. This one will be the hardest.

Well, that’s it for me! What do you think? Anything you agree with or goals you’ve set for yourself? Sound off below!