Emerald Package

Wedding Management

This is for the client who knows what they want. You have all the ideas and take care of all of the planning, but need help with execution. Give your friends and family a break and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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Ruby Package

Partial Planning

Happy to plan but don’t know where to start? Let us give you some guidance and additional planning, while you still remain in full control of your vision. It’s the perfect way to have your cake, and eat it too.

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Diamond Package

Full-Service Planning

Some people don’t have the time or stress capacity to deal with event planning. Let us wade through all the details while you just worry about the final decisions. We’ll happily fold the swans, book the hotels, and anything else you need in order to ensure a perfect day.

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À La Carte

Just let us know where you need help, and we’ll make it happen.

Wedding planning services start at $1,500. Email hello@huevents.net to learn more!